Balsamic Wood Incense Gift Set

Balsamic Wood Incense Gift Set

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An ideal gift for any occasion! As always, our unparalleled expertise in blending perfectly balanced fragrances has been combined with incense sticks made in house.

- Comes with a handmade ceramic holder

- No Charcoal, No Phthalates

- Decorative silk screened box made from recycled materials

- Each box contains 40 sticks.

4 fragrances x 10 sticks

- Each stick burns for 45 min.

INGREDIENTS: Bmbusa Vulgaris (Bamboo sticks), Wood Powder, Machilus Macaranth (Tree Bark Powder, a natural binder).

DIMENSIONS: Height - 11"

Width - 2.75"

Depth - 0.5"